ISMD was planned and designed in agreement between INGV Milano and National Earthquakes Observatory (INGV ONT) and it was published, at the first time, in January 2012.
In the past years ISMD was developped in the framework of the TTC 1.1 (Monitoraggio sismico del territorio nazionale), the TTC 5.2 (Banche Dati di sismologia strumentale) and the INGV-T5 research activity (Sorveglianza sismica e operatività post terremoto).
ISMD is now in progress in the framework of the INGV-infrastructures research activity and in particular of the SOIR Project (Sale Operative Integrate e Reti di monitoraggio del futuro,WP3, task 1.3).

The site characterizazion is supported by the agreement DPC-INGV-2016-2018, Allegato-B2, Obiettivo-1, Task-B (Caratterizzazione siti accelerometrici).
The automathic data processing and the check quality control are supported by the agreement DPC-INGV, Allegato-A, WP3.3, product-N5 (Analisi e controllo qualità dati accelerometrici in tempo reale).

Scientific coordinator
Marco Massa ([javascript protected email address])

Automatic data processing and seismological analysis
Marco Massa (INGV Milan), Paolo Augliera (INGV Milan)
Data acquisition and archiving
Ezio D'Alema (INGV Milan)
Data Quality
Marco Massa, Alessio Lorenzetti (INGV MIlan), Claudia Mascandola (INGV Milan)
Database development
Davide Scafidi (University of Genova, DISTAV)
Davide Scafidi, Marco Massa
Post processing data checking
Marco Massa, Claudia Mascandola, Paola Morasca (INGV Milan), Sara Lovati (INGV Milan)
Geophysical surveys and analysis for sites characterization
Sara Lovati, Alessio Lorenzetti, Claudia Mascandola, Marco Massa
System Manager
Santi Mirenna (INGV Milan)

Gianlorenzo Franceschina (INGV Milan), Antonio Gomez (INGV Milan), Simona Carannante (INGV Milan) and Andrea Luca Rizzo (INGV Milan) also collaborate to the project

Earthquake locations and magnitudes
National Earthquakes Observatory (INGV ONT)

ISMD can be quoted as
INGV Strong Motion Data (ISMD) v2.1, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV).

Marco Massa, Sara Lovati, Gianlorenzo Franceschina, Ezio D’Alema, Simone Marzorati, Salvatore Mazza, Marco Cattaneo, Giulio Selvaggi, Alessandro Amato, Alberto Michelini, and Paolo Augliera (2014).
ISMD, a web portal for real-time processing and dissemination of INGV strong-motion data.
Seismological Research Letters, Vol. 85, N. 4.,863-877, doi: 10.1785/0220140024

The production of the strong motion data published in the web portal involves a large number of people, covering several scientific and technological issues concerning the data acquisition and their distribution.
We thank the collegues of the INGV National Earthquake Observatory (ONT), for managing the National Seismic Network (RSN) and providing the access to the strong motion data.

A particular thank to Alessandro Amato, Marco Cattaneo, Giovanna Cultrera, Alberto Delladio, Valentino Lauciani, Alfonso Mandiello, Lucia Margheriti, Simone Marzorati, Salvatore Mazza, Alberto Michelini, Milena Moretti, Sandro Rao, Giulio Selvaggi, Salvatore Stramondo and Massimiliano Stucchi for their help on this project.

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